How Digital Is Your Practice ?

As our world grows increasingly digital, industries are not only having to keep up with advancements in directly-related technology but also with new technology connecting to consumers. In the dental industry, dentists adopted technology that is improving methods of treatment and now, the challenge is adapting to the digital patient.

The term medical marketing is mentioned more often than ever as more and more digital tools and channels are available to the dental practitioners. But while most practitioners think of digital as only a website and a social channel, it goes well beyond that.

Patients are increasingly more “connected” in a more digital way, making personal interactions and experience that generate human connections extremely important. The use of digital tools within your practice can help you cut down on administration and help you focus on delivering a positive experience for your patients.

We created this quiz to help you find out how digital your practice is and help you understand the full scope of what digital is able to do for your practice.