How A Stylish Practice Can Maximize Patient Experience

Dentists have to look beyond their dental services to provide a great patient experience. While aesthetic services are increasingly prevalent in multidisciplinary practices, the focus on aesthetics has shifted to the practice as a whole.You may be wondering what has caused this shift? The younger generation has played a key role because they seek an overall experience that puts them at ease, as well as still providing exceptional service. Have you considered the impact of practice design on your patients’ experience? The following design options could be the simple answers you have been looking for to improve your patient’s experience.

Color Pop

Sitting in a waiting room of a dental practice anticipating the upcoming procedure can create feelings of stress and anxiety for your patients. Waiting can be a less burdensome activity with the inclusion of colors to liven up the space. Certain colors shades such as blue can be used within the dental practice to assist the patient in feeling more relaxed.  In the waiting room, patients spend the most time looking at the interior of the practice. Adding colorful elements to your office instantly brightens the space and makes the otherwise dull interior more inviting. A colorful door or piece of furniture makes the space fun for the patient, in particular children. Painted walls can be an inexpensive way to make the space more inviting while still easy to clean.

Color office.jpg


Patient are more at ease when they feel as though they are in a clean and professional environment. While incorporating high tech dental equipment can help convey this, a modern interior with clean lines and solid color schemes can also go a long way. The modern style involves sticking to one neutral color palette such as gray, brown, black and white, and adding bold accents such as a geometric lighting fixture. The great thing about a modern interior is its simplicity. It can take little effort to create a modern space, however the impact can be significant.

modern chair.jpg


Studies have shown that being in nature provides an instant calming feeling. A natural environment can help patients with anxiety cope with the dental experience.

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Moreover, warm, natural tones are pleasing to the eye, and real plants can provide a calming effect for patients. Indoor plants are a great addition to a practice space as they release oxygen and give the feeling that one is in a natural environment. Adding elements made from natural materials such as wood, can be a simple way to create an outdoor effect.

nature office.jpeg


Stepping into a futuristic practice can help anxious patients look past their procedures and forward to the positive benefits of their treatment. Futuristic design is elevated from modern design by involving more vibrant colors and biomimicry design elements. Biomimicry is the influence of models and systems existing in nature to create a human-oriented design. This concept used in practice creates a futuristic aesthetic by expressing extraterrestrial shapes and forms. Waiting room seating, for example, can be curved in design to resemble a natural pod such as a cocoon. The sleek design is appealing for a new generation of patients, who seek a unique experience and the opportunity to share their experience online. As patients feel compelled to share images of the cutting-edge design of a dental office through their mobile devices, this serves as organic promotion for the practice.

futuristic office.jpg

Beyond the practice, an eye-catching space can attract new patients searching for a practice online. When searching for a practice, unique design elements will appeal to a visually-oriented, prospective patients. It's possible for any practice to achieve a stylish design, and on any budget. Finding a design that works for you and making it a priority will keep your practice captivating for your patients and something to talk about beyond the waiting room.

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